Decking An Outdoor Playhouse To Look Like A Present Brings Holiday Cheer

Whether or not your outdoor playhouse was a gift for your little one this holiday season, it can still be decorated to resemble one. Most playhouses are shaped in a way that will make fashioning it to look like a present a simple and fun activity. Not only is gift-giving a hallmark of the holidays, it’s also one of the parts that children love the most about the season. Decorating the playhouse to look like a gift could also convey the message that it’s better to give when people see the large “package”.

To create the look, use some of these easy techniques and your family’s outdoor playhouse is sure to look like one of the best “presents” on the planet:

Use lights to resemble ribbon along the side and across the top of the outdoor playhouse. One way to do that is to select a contrasting color, for example, if the playhouse is blue, select white or bright red lights. You can keep it simple with a double strand of lights or you can make a more intricate design with the addition of a third strand.

Wrap the outside of the outdoor playhouse with exterior grade ribbon. This type of ribbon can be used for applications such as wreaths. Using floral wire or hobby wire, affix lengths of ribbon to the wire with hot glue or tape. Shape the ribbon into huge bows of 2 to 3 feet each. Then, place them atop the playhouse roof. Another option is the have the look culminating with the front door of the outdoor playhouse being finished with a bow.

If wrapping the whole playhouse seems daunting, just wrap the front door with a plastic coated wrapping paper and bow. This will make the door look as if you are entering a much anticipated gift.

An outdoor playhouse makes a marvelous platform for creating the look of a huge gift. Complete the look by placing empty, gift-wrapped boxes along the outside of the playhouse or use smaller ones to create a path leading up to the playhouse. The real gift will be the look on your child’s face when they see their outdoor playhouse decked for the holidays!