The Ideal ‘One Gift For All’ Christmas Present – Organic Towels

This may seem a slightly bizarre concept but taking all the thinking and stress out of an event like buying for a wedding, birthday or the big one, Christmas, can mean that you can focus on the event rather than worrying about what to buy. There is always that family member that’s so awkward to buy for that they have even returned gifts and every year you dread coming up with a gift idea for them. So here is the perfect gift because there’s nothing offensive about towels and they are so very useful.

Towels are an everyday item that need no introduction and are used by pretty much everyone from babies to old folks, we all use towels and usually every day in one form or another. Yet it just isn’t something we go out and buy for ourselves. There is the odd occasion you will buy a new beach towel for a holiday but generally you will not have bought any of the towels you now possess.

This seems really strange because you always have you favourite ones that are fluffier or feel softer and the older ones we no longer use for bathing will be used for cleaning or pet use. When you get new towels, being able to throw out those older flat or scratchy ones is great and the first time you use the new bath towels or put in the new hand towels is really nice.

This is why it is the perfect present because for people you buy a token gift for, there are hand towels or simply tea towels which are inexpensive and very useful and they will still get the pleasure from using the new towels. For family and close friends you can look at buying the really luxurious large bath towels and matching hand or hair towels and personalise them by getting the perfect colour to compliment bathrooms.

If it’s a couple, buying one colour for him and one for her, then they won’t use each others and you can always add personal bathroom products for them, such as face creams or shaving equipment, if its someone you buy lots for. There are many towel folding demonstrations available on-line to help you create the perfect gift. Alternatively add a bathroom set with a rug and toilet matt and new shower curtain to give them a completely new fresh feeling in their bathroom. They will be fighting over the bubble bath and candles before the turkey is served.

For a family, again buying one colour each and the size appropriate for each household member will be fun and functional. Bright colours for the children and large luxurious new towels for mom and dad will be sure to make them all happy. Baby towels are always useful too because new moms will be so busy and can sometimes get behind with the washing. So having extra baby, soft hooded towels will always come in handy.

There are always towels available from supermarkets to high streets, so there’s plenty of choice out there to suit all budgets. For the most soft and luxurious towels, the best fabric is bamboo or organic cotton, they have the softness of cashmere and are very absorbent and dry quickly after use when compared to the standard cotton towels.

Presentation Skills Training: Anxiety Isn’t “Out There,” It’s “In Here”

A friend of mine produces horror movies, one of which is called, “There’s something out there.” However, when it comes to delivering a presentation, I beg to differ: There’s nothing “out there.” It’s all “in here.”

I was on the phone with Jolene, a woman I had worked with on her presentation skills. I had been hired to help her overcome her anxiety whenever she was asked to express herself in a meeting or in a presentation. I asked her how she was doing.

“It’s getting better,” she said.

That statement, I told her, contains the explanation for why she is anxious.

Who is this “it” I asked, “That is getting better?” Jolene’s statement suggests that anxiety is an “it” that one catches like a cold. Other people I’ve worked with will echo Jolene’s comment by saying, “I got scared” as though scared was running around the room and “got” them. Still others will say that someone in the audience “made” them anxious as though an audience member held a gun and forced the person to become anxious or else.

The key to handling our anxiety is to get in touch with reality. In reality, there is no “it” getting better. In reality, there is no “scared” trying to catch us. In reality, there is no audience “making” us nervous.

In reality, there is nothing “out there”…except what we put there. If we imagine that our audience is hostile, that hostility doesn’t exist in the audience. That thought exists in us and we find evidence to confirm it “out there.” If we imagine that the audience doesn’t like us, that thought doesn’t exist in the audience, that thought exists in us and we find evidence to confirm it. If we imagine that we won’t be able to close a sale, that thought doesn’t exist in the audience, that thought exists in us and we find evidence to confirm it.

You can see this even more clearly when calling someone on the phone. As you’re about to call, notice the thoughts that are in your head about how the other person will respond when he or she answers. Whatever thought is there is clearly your fantasy, not reality.

In reality, there is nothing between us and our audience except what we put there. I encourage people to repeat this statement many times until it becomes ingrained in their brains which is exactly how “I got scared” was implanted there in the first place.

A rut gets created in the road when many cars pass over it. Similarly, a “rut” gets created in our brains (called “neural pathways”) when we tell ourselves something over and over again. Sometimes, it only takes one such experience if the experience is sufficiently traumatic.

Anxiety is produced when fantasy trumps reality. Anxiety is created by our imaginings and our imaginings aren’t real because between us and the audience there is, in reality, nothing except what we put there.

The Only Way to Make a Perfect Presentation

Almost 100% people who rarely speak in front of public will face mentality problems. Fear, nervous or even shock when presenting powerpoint presentation are the most often occurred mentality problems . Drying up and not being able to speak in front of public, forgetting all of the presentation material you’ve prepared before or unable to answer audience’s questions are some of mentality problem impact. Moreover some people rather to choose fever than speak in front of public. Thing will changes 180 degrees if you already familiar and experienced in powerpoint presentation, and of course you will also eliminate all kind of mentality problems.

Yes, the solution is only one, Practice.

Why practice ?

-Routine eye-contact when speaking in front of public will give you immune from nervous or fear. Presenter with twenty times presentation experiences, will have stronger mental of presentation in front public rather than presenter who just have four times presentation experiences. In other words, experienced presenter will have better and trained mentality than less experienced presenter.

-Routine speech practice in front of public will enhance your speech skill, you will have a better speech management if you often practice speaking in front of public. You wont drying up again when presenting your material.

-Routine practice also enrich your deep knowledge to solve presentation technical problem, handout problem, timing, or even the way you present the presentation material will definitely better.

If you have do it all, you wont feel drying up or unable to speak in front of public, you wont forget the material you’ve prepared, and you will easily answer all audience questions correctly. You can do you presentation practice in front of your parents, sisters or brothers and friends, after get it smooth you can practice in front of your class or office, if you can do it all smoothly, you will be familiar and love powerpoint presentation.